Big Government Is Owned By Big Money (Video)

I’ve got a lot of right wing friends that have a, well justified, contempt for government, which I share.  But… what makes me and others like me different is the fact that we know the government is owned by an unsavory group of wealthy elite.  Now… this ownership society has convinced my right wing friends that my position is based on envy.  That’s a crock, and anybody that really knows me would agree.

I grew up when people in government were great statesmen.  Guys like Ike Eisenhower and Franklin D Roosevelt. These men cared about us ALL as a nation. They weren’t just career politicians, clinging to a perverted ideological fantasy that’s sole purpose is to grease the path for the wealthy elite.

I still believe in “a government of the people, by the people, and for the people” and we should damn well want to be “BIG” or at least big enough to resists the inroads of corruption and the ownership of our civilization.

Listen to FDR over a half century ago. And stand with the people at Represent.Us, they got our back… and they are damn good people.


Confronting Poverty with Clarity

I openly admit that I’ve met people who game the social services system; but in reality, they are a very small percentage. This women’s clarity exposes a cultural distortion that only perpetuates the impoverished conditions of many hard working Americans who are trying to raise families on insufficient incomes.

Sadly, her clarity will fall on deaf ears that hear everything through the filter of their preconceived notions that are generated by a perverted ideological fantasy.

Face it, there is a small minority of people who live the “lifestyles of the rich and famous” by exploiting our fellow citizens by using their low wages as a natural resource, just like timber, ore, and oil.

If working Americans got a descent paycheck… it would be the quickest way to significantly reduce social service payouts.  Plus, we would hardly have to raise taxes on anyone.

Listen to Litesa E Wallace as she addresses the Illinois General Assembly


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For those who philosophize DISGRACE


DISGRACE… comes in all forms when it comes to our flag, our values, and how we honor those who gave the full measure of their existence to defend our noble principals. Yet, at the same time, we need to make sure we DON’T engage in hypocrisy and SELECTIVE OUTRAGE


Comments that contain intimidation, personal insults, threats, vulgar language, or name calling will be deemed inappropriate and incoherent.  They will not be postedIf you think smart… talk smart.


The Illusion of Liberal vs Conservative Values

This posting is a public letter, made in response to an article: Conservative Values vs. Liberal Values, by Star Parker for WND (World Net Daily), a conservative news website. The author prefers anonymity at this time.

Hello Star Parker,

I read your article outlining the difference between liberal and conservative, published back in 2006. Maybe I misread the intent of your comparisons. However, I thought I’d share my own positions as a progressive independent. And deflect some of the assumptions, made in the press about what is presumed to be liberal. The divisions you discussed, when you published your article, are even deeper now. The rhetoric has become Continue reading “The Illusion of Liberal vs Conservative Values”

Culture War, Guns and Insanity

Are we on the verge of civil war? 

With the increasing number of politically motivated incidences of gun violence, its easy to think so.  At the same time the public is being bombarded with “vitriolic” discourse from the media.  For example, Bill O’Reilly has written a book called Cultural Warrior.  He and many other media pundits, both left and right, stir up the public’s emotions with fear.  But mostly, I’m compelled to accuse the right-wing  mouth pieces of sounding a lot more like leaders of a lynch mob.  Continue reading “Culture War, Guns and Insanity”

What is a Free Country?

“Together, we can attain a common destiny or share the consequences of an undesirable fate.”

There is a universal desire to a secure a prosperous life at the core of all human existence.  That’s why we form communities in a united effort to ensure our survival.  Human cooperation is intrinsic; it’s a characteristic at the heart of all civilization.  A shared identity and a shared purpose are the key principles that bond tribes, communities and nations.

So what is a free country? 

Continue reading “What is a Free Country?”