Culture War, Guns and Insanity

Are we on the verge of civil war? 

With the increasing number of politically motivated incidences of gun violence, its easy to think so.  At the same time the public is being bombarded with “vitriolic” discourse from the media.  For example, Bill O’Reilly has written a book called Cultural Warrior.  He and many other media pundits, both left and right, stir up the public’s emotions with fear.  But mostly, I’m compelled to accuse the right-wing  mouth pieces of sounding a lot more like leaders of a lynch mob.  They have convinced themselves that any atrocity can be justifiable.

Lately… because of all the protests against Wall Street and corporate greed, aka the 99% movement, there has been a lot of talk about “who has the guns.”  The Fox all propaganda media organization suggests maintaining order with the use of deadly force.

Right wing polemicists are advocating deadly force to crush our First Amendment rights.    Ann Coulter (self-styled glamor puss and know-it-all) has cited the Kent State Massacre as a template for dealing with — what she defines as — “demonic” mob behaviorA convenient position to take while pimping her new book “Demonic.”

Watch Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity… reveling in the idea of gunning down their fellow citizens.   Coulter appears to be in a state of sociopathic lust.

◄ click photo to see video ►

Coulter, proudly characterizes  the Boston Tea Party as an acceptable model for riotous entitlement.  But… she draws no comparison to the Boston Massacre and Kent State.   Sorry Ann, for an educated person, you sound like a foolish bimbo; clinging to your exclusionary bias and trying to pass it off as solid reasoning.

Think about it… Ann Coulter was nine years old in 1970.  What does a pampered little brat like her know about the anguish that our nation experienced, seeing  young adults gunned down in the streets of America.  It was a wake up call for every parent… afraid of putting their  children in harm’s way.

To her, what happened that day is just an abstraction.  Nothing that a phony air-head with a distorted self concept can wrap her mind around.   Ann has not yet realized that she is a self-appointed member and defender of our national aristocracy.   Her mind only grasps a rationale that justifies a bloated sense of entitlement, for herself and her cronies.   All of those who dare question her premises are subject to her ridicule.  Accused of being members of the liberal-socialist-left, not worthy to be Americans — Really?

“That’s what you do with a mob…” ~ Ann Coulter

Is this Fox Media and Ann Coulter’s answer

to those who oppose their ideology?

Culture war is big business.

“culture war is an illusion.  It’s a growth industry”

Once again… are we on the verge of civil war?  I’d say yes.  And it’s been going on for a long time.  We have a history of radical civil disobedience and reactionary abuses of authority.  But, recently there has been an escalation of violence.  Young guys who are excessively armed, and hankering for an opportunity, to have their own Bernhard Goetz moment.  There are thousands of mediocre personalities, with a distorted self concept, lurking around our society, seeking a justifiable opportunity to be a hero.  Guns in the hands of people who are cognitively and emotionally ill-equipped is a recipe for tragedy.

Remember… “culture war” is an illusion.  It’s a growth industry.  Look at how many books, news-papers, magazines, buttons, coffee mugs, tea-shirts, bumper stickers, and above all… Internet and TV advertisements are being sold.  All of the pundits on both sides are multi-millionaires.  Every time Ann Coulter or Michael Moore shoot off their mouth… they bump their book sales.

I know we need economic stimulus… but what the hell.   Are we that hard up?   We can solve our problems, only by liberating ourselves from all of that ideological nonsense.  It’s just noise.

The right-wing has spent the better part of a century trying to convince their constituents that they are at war with the socialist left.  This kind of thinking is rooted in the fear of communism, during the cold war.  Now they perpetuate those same fears for economic and political gain.

Liberalism is NOT antithetical to the American way of life.

We are all victims of a marketing strategy, designed to continuously roll the citizens for economic gain.  Thus, greasing the path for corporate profiteers, carpetbaggers, and economic royalists.

It’s not a matter of left/right.  It’s a matter of up/down. 

Hard working middle-income Americans deserve to be fairly compensated for the profits they produce for their employers.   How can we ever expect to have a stable economy?   The answer is… we won’t.  Not as long as we have a large percentage of  our population who are working for sweat-shop wages, with no benefits.  Middle income employees should be savers and not victims of usury, buried under mountains of credit card dept.

Consumer debt makes up over 25% of mutual fund profits.   Working citizens are barely scrapin’ by, while the Wall Street elite are rakin’ it in.

How does that song go?   “Ya load 16 tons an what-da-ya get… another day older an deeper in debt.  Saint Peter don’t cha call me cause I can’t go…  I owe my soul to the company sto (store).”  Does that sound familiar to you?

Based on the rhetoric that’s in the video of Coulter and Hannity, we are venturing into dangerous territory.  It’s obvious, that paranoid right-wing reactionaries think they are losing control.   Their sense of entitlement is surely being threatened.  Especially, if they think they need to pull out the big guns.   For me… it’s been hard enough being stuck in the cross-fire of all that ideological noise.  I sure as hell don’t wanna be caught  in the cross-fire of those idiots with guns.  Like Christina-Taylor Green and five other victims of a shooting rampage in Tucson Arizona, during the assassination attempt on Democratic congress woman Gabrielle Giffords.

Christina-Taylor Green and her mom…

victims of our cultural cross fire.

Grieving mothers are victims too.

“For you who philosophize disgrace and criticize all fears,

bury the rag deep in your face…

for now is the time for your tears.” ~ Bob Dylan

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”~ Sun Tzu

(from The Art of War)

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