Confronting Poverty with Clarity

I openly admit that I’ve met people who game the social services system; but in reality, they are a very small percentage. This women’s clarity exposes a cultural distortion that only perpetuates the impoverished conditions of many hard working Americans who are trying to raise families on insufficient incomes.

Sadly, her clarity will fall on deaf ears that hear everything through the filter of their preconceived notions that are generated by a perverted ideological fantasy.

Face it, there is a small minority of people who live the “lifestyles of the rich and famous” by exploiting our fellow citizens by using their low wages as a natural resource, just like timber, ore, and oil.

If working Americans got a descent paycheck… it would be the quickest way to significantly reduce social service payouts.  Plus, we would hardly have to raise taxes on anyone.

Listen to Litesa E Wallace as she addresses the Illinois General Assembly


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Culture War, Guns and Insanity

Are we on the verge of civil war? 

With the increasing number of politically motivated incidences of gun violence, its easy to think so.  At the same time the public is being bombarded with “vitriolic” discourse from the media.  For example, Bill O’Reilly has written a book called Cultural Warrior.  He and many other media pundits, both left and right, stir up the public’s emotions with fear.  But mostly, I’m compelled to accuse the right-wing  mouth pieces of sounding a lot more like leaders of a lynch mob.  Continue reading “Culture War, Guns and Insanity”