The Big Fake

In basketball it’s called a fake, in war a smoke screen, and in magic we call it slight of hand


Just recently the Congress hammered-out a bi-partisan compromise spending bill.  At the heart of the bill is a massive increase in military spending.

The leaders at the Pentagon were elated.  Let us not forget to mention those who will profit the most, feeding off the government ‘gravy train’.

Ever wonder how much of that increase for the military goes toward multi-million dollar salaries for the weapons manufacturers. Continue reading “The Big Fake”


Republicans Have Completely Gone to the Dark Side

Are Republicans so completely obsessed with the conservative domination of American politics that they will use any tactic, or tell any lie at their disposal to possess complete control of the American people? Continue reading “Republicans Have Completely Gone to the Dark Side”

Big Government Is Owned By Big Money (Video)

I’ve got a lot of right wing friends that have a, well justified, contempt for government, which I share.  But… what makes me and others like me different is the fact that we know the government is owned by an unsavory group of wealthy elite.  Continue reading “Big Government Is Owned By Big Money (Video)”

Confronting Poverty with Clarity (Video)

I openly admit that I’ve met people who game the social services system; but in reality, they are a very small percentage. This women’s clarity exposes a cultural distortion that only perpetuates the impoverished conditions of many hard working Americans who are trying to raise families on insufficient incomes. Continue reading “Confronting Poverty with Clarity (Video)”

For Those Who Philosophize DISGRACE


DISGRACE… comes in all forms when it comes to our flag, our values, and how we honor those who gave the full measure of their existence to defend our noble principals. Yet, at the same time, we need to make sure we DON’T engage in hypocrisy and SELECTIVE OUTRAGE


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