Big Government Is Owned By Big Money (Video)

I’ve got a lot of right wing friends that have a, well justified, contempt for government, which I share.  But… what makes me and others like me different is the fact that we know the government is owned by an unsavory group of wealthy elite.  Now… this ownership society has convinced my right wing friends that my position is based on envy.  That’s a crock, and anybody that really knows me would agree.

I grew up when people in government were great statesmen.  Guys like Ike Eisenhower and Franklin D Roosevelt. These men cared about us ALL as a nation. They weren’t just career politicians, clinging to a perverted ideological fantasy that’s sole purpose is to grease the path for the wealthy elite.

I still believe in “a government of the people, by the people, and for the people” and we should damn well want to be “BIG” or at least big enough to resists the inroads of corruption and the ownership of our civilization.

Listen to FDR over a half century ago. And stand with the people at Represent.Us, they got our back… and they are damn good people.




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