What is a Free Country?

“Together, we can seek a common destiny… or share the consequences of an undesirable fate.”

There is a universal desire to a secure a prosperous life at the core of all human existence.  That’s why we form communities in a united effort to ensure our survival.  Human cooperation is intrinsic; it’s a characteristic at the heart of all civilization.  A shared identity and a shared purpose are the key principles that bond tribes, communities and nations.

So what is a free country? 

A free country is a nation where respect and responsibility toward all citizens is the highest ideal.  A free society is able to transcend divisive ideologies.  Free humans do not engage in excessive abuses of our competitive spirit.  A lust for extreme competition easily deteriorates into a conceited sense of self entitlement.  Which ultimately leads to human exploitation.

If one family member puts their own personal fulfillment and personal ambition above the rest of the family, that person would surley be judged a scoundrel.  The same is true for how we treat members of our communities and nation.  We cannot build a free country with a sense of disdain for our fellow citizens.

We are divided by our ideologies and we are united by tragedy.  This is easily seen when natural disaster strikes. Everyone instinctively pitches in to help their neighbors, regardless of their diverse values.

As a nation, we need a shared identity and purpose.  Together, we can seek a common destiny… or share the consequences of an undesirable fate. The choice is self-evident.  Mutual respect and responsibility are the values we must adopt to find common ground in a free country.


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